Bay County Scanner Feed

Live Public Safety Communications from Bay City, Michigan and Surrounding Areas
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Monitored Frequencies & Groups

The following digital talkgroups on the MPSCS are monitored on the live Bay County Scanner Feed:


Talkgroup/Radio ID Alpha Tag
12441 AuburnFireAdmin
12663 BangorFireAdmin
12559 Bay County: Tac1
12560 Bay County: Tac2
12555 BayCityFD:Disp
12561 BayCityPD: Disp
12868 BayCityPD:Prop/3
2020 BayCounty: LEIN
12553 BayCountyFD:Adm
12556 BayCountyFD:Disp
2019 BayCountyPD:Disp
13122 BeavFireAdmin
12658 CityFireAdmin
12557 CtyFireGnd1
12558 CtyFireGnd2
13123 CtyFireGnd3
12778 EssexFireAdmin
1369 Flight Care
12660 FrankFireAdmin
12628 GarfFireAdmin
12814 GibsonTwpAdmin
12659 HamptonFireAdmin
13125 HamptonTwp: Trn
12678 KawFireAdmin
12661 MerritFireAdmin
1007 MSP District 3
1261 MSP K9 Aviation
1262 MSP K9 Aviation
1242 MSP3: District
3645 MSP3: Fugitive
13081 MSP3: HmTwnSec
1158 MSP3: MBS Disp
1243 MSP3: Thumb Disp
12677 Mt.FrstFireAdmin
12664 NorBayFireAdmin
12679 PinCngFireAdmin
12680 PortsmFireAdmin
2022 SpEvt 1 (FireT)
2023 SpEvt 2 (FireT)
2024 SpEvt 3 (FireT)
2025 SpEvt 4 (FireT)
1009 Statewide Dist 3
1455 Statewide Emer1
1456 Statewide Emer2
4053 Tribal Police

The follow Conventional (Analog) frequencies are also monitored:
Frequency Alpha Tag
156.6 Bridge Tenders
156.65 Bridge Tenders
154.4 City Fire Disp
157.15 Coast Guard
155.79 CtyFire Disp
167.2375 FBI GangTskFrce
120.1 MBS AirTwr
120.95 MBS Aprch/Dept
126.45 MBS Aprch/Dept
121.7 MBS Ground
155.4 McLaren Bay Disp
157.05 USCG - Main

Channels may be temporarily reassigned at times during an active fire, accident, incliment weather, etc.

Codes and Acronyms

Below are most of the codes and acronyms that you'll hear while listening to the feed.   Transmissions often start with the sender identifying themselves (such as "Forty-One-Oh-Two", a sheriff deputy), followed by whom they're trying to communicate with ("Central", being Central Dispatch).

Bay County Unit Numbers

X0   Community police officer
X    Regular district patrol officer
X3   Second regular district patrol officer
2XX  Bay City Detectives/Officers
GX   Gang Task Force
2x   Essexville public safety-(PD / Fire)
3x   Auburn
Ixxx State Police Investigators
30xx State police C.I.D.
31xx State Police - Post 31 Bay City
39xx U.S. Marshall’s - Bay City
4xx  Sheriffs department car
41xx Sheriff Deputies patrol area
480  Emergency Services Coordinator
496, 497 & 498 - Sheriff marine patrol
7x   Hampton Township
8x   Pinconning
9x   Delta College
14x  Northern Bay Ambulance-Pinconning
15x  Bay Regional Medical Center Ambulance

(Where 'x' denotes a number.)

Bay City Police Districts

2 - Columbus north to the river & east to the city limits
3 - Downtown
4 - River to the city limits east, Kosciuszko to Columbus
5 - Kosciuszko & South
6 - Central High (DARE Officer)
7 - Midland Street & South
8 - Midland Street, Banks area to northeast city limits
9 - Handy Intermediate (DARE Officer)

Bay County Fire Station Numbers

Bay City:

1 - Center Ave.(HQ)
2 - Fremont Ave.
3 - Administration (Although, I have seen an "Engine 3", which I believe is stationed at Center Ave.)
4 - Dean Street
5 - Smith Street (CLOSED)

Bangor Township:
6 - Union Street
7 - Wheeler rd. (HQ) & 911 Backup Center

Other Stations:
8 - Hampton Township         10 - Monitor Township          12 - Auburn/Williams Township
14 - Kawkawlin Township       15 - Pinconning                    16 - Fraser Township
17 - Essexville                       18 - Portsmouth Township    19 - Beaver Township
20 - Frankenlust Township      21 - Garfield Township          22 - Merritt Township
23 - Mount Forest Township   24 - Gibson Township

Numerical Codes

0 - Deceased
1 - Homicide
2 - Rape
3 - Enroute to intake
4 - Clear with no report
7 - Unable to locate
(10)7-Out of Service
(10)8-In service
9 - Disregard and Clear
(10)9-Misdemeanor warrant
(10)10-Felony warrant
11 - Prostitution
12 - Drugs
(10)19-Enroute to the station
48 - Uncooperative / Mentally unstable, etc.
49 - Suicide
70 - D.O.A.
90 - Bomb Threat?
339 - Intoxicated persons under a hold due to blood alcohol level
2000 - Arson
Center 40 or 40-Sheriffs Department HQ.
(Law Enforcement Center)
Station1 - Bay City Police HQ.
(Law Enforcement Center)
Signal 1 - Situation under control
Signal 2 - I need another unit, but no rush
Signal 3 - State Police return to post
Signal 4 – Need Help NOW
Signal D - Personal Break for State Police
Code XXXX- Bank Robbery / Holdup
(XXXX = some numbers)


A.I.             Accident Investigator
A.L.S.          Advanced Life Support (ALPHA)
A.C.F.A.       Attempt to Commit Felonious Assault
A.D.W.         Assault with a Deadly Weapon
A.R.M.         Alternate Report Method  (No written report)
A.R.T.C.C.    Air Route Traffic Control Center
A.T.I.S.        Automatic Terminal Information Service (Airports)
A.T.L.          Attempt To Locate
A.W.O.S. Automated Weather Observation System

B.C.J.          Bay County Jail
B.L.S.          Basic Life Support (BRAVO)
B.M.C.         Bay Regional Medical Center
B.O.L.         Be On the Lookout

C.C.W.        Carrying Concealed Weapon
C.H.F.         Congestive Heart Failure
C.L.N.C.      Clearance (Airports)
C.M.I.S.      Criminal Management Information System
C.S.C.         Criminal Sexual Conduct

D.W.I.         Driving While Intoxicated
D.W.L.S.      Driving While License Suspended

E.T.O.H.      Alcohol

F.A.C.         Failed to Appear in Court
F.C.J.         Failure to Comply with Judgment
F.T.A.         Failure To Appear (in court)
F.T.C.         Failure To Comply (with court judgment)

G.O.A.        Gone On Arrival

H & R         Hit & Run
H.E.A.R.N    Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio Network
HEELO        Helicopter
HIWAS       Hazardous In-flight Weather Advisory Service
HOOK        Tow truck

ILS            Instrument Landing System

K                Killed
KEYHOLDER Has keys to get into the place

L.E.I.N.        Law Enforcement Information Network
L.Z.             Landing Zone (helicopters)

M.E.            Medical Examiner
M.I.P.         Minors In Possession of alcohol or Tobacco
M.D.O.P.     Malicious Destruction Of Property
M.D.T.        Mobile Data Terminal
M.S.O.        Marine Safety Officer (Coast Guard)

N.C.I.C.      National Crime Information Center

O.D.           Officer of the Day (Coast Guard)
O.T.L.         Out To Lunch
O.U.I.L.      Operating Under the Influence of Liquor (or O.U.)

P & L          Prostitution & Loitering
PAT.COMM. PATrol COMMander (Coast Guard)
P.B.T.         Portable Breathalyzer Test
P.D.A.         Property Damage Accident
P.I.            Personal Injury accident
P.I.W.        Person(s) In Water
P.O.B.        Persons On Board
P.P.O.        Personal Protection Order

R.A.           Robbery Armed
R.T.D.        Return To Department – Lunch/Dinner
RIG           Ambulance
RUNNER      Someone who is responsible at the place
RVR           Runway Visual Range

S.A.R.        Search And Rescue
S.O.R.       Sex Offender Registration
S.O.S.        Secretary Of State

T.X.           Telephone call
TRACON     Air Traffic Control

U.C.         Under Cover
U.D.A.A.    Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile
U.T.L.       Unable To Locate

V.C.S.A.    Violation of Chemical Substance Act
V.F.R.       Visual Flight Rules (Airplanes)

V.O.R.      VHF Omni-directional Radio-range (Airplanes)
V.P.H.C.    Violation of Public Health Code