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Gus and Nancy Babcock have called their house on Wixom Lake home for 40 years and a week ago the unimaginable happened. "The sirens were going and they came and said to evacuate flooding imminent. They did that twice so that makes you a little nervous," said Nancy. "We lost power and without some pumps running without any other hope you just pack up and leave because there's nothing else you can do," said Gus. After evacuating and returning home, Gus and Nancy's basement was filled with 37 inches of water. Their initial thoughts were indescribable. "40 years we've been here and we had a little water come up here just a little ways and that's it. You're thinking about all the work and water in there. We had laminate flooring and carpet in there and we had a bedroom in there, but all that was gone. At least we have a place we can live in where other people have been really devastated," said Nancy. Now the lake they once looked out on everyday, is no more. "We couldn't believe that it was like that," said Gus. "It makes me sad to think about it. The kids coming up, the little ones and the great grandkids, look forward to coming up here and going fishing and they won’t be able to do that. But they were out here playing in the mud," said Nancy. The rebuild will take time, but their kids and grandkids are already starting the process. Including the help from their three year old grandson. "First thing he says is grandpa I'm going to bring my tools up and we'll fix the dam and we'll be able to fix it and play in the water and go fishing. That was his first words to us. Don't worry grandpa we'll fix it," said Gus. Gus and Nancy have been married for 54 years. This is something they never imagined, but are happy to overcome together. "She's always been my best friend. We pretty much do everything together.”

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